sreda, 17. oktober 2007

Hello you!!


My name is Darjan Lipušček. I'm 20 years old and I come from Kanalski Lom, near Tolmin. I'm a child of mother Anica and father Mirko. I have also two brothers. They are both older than me. Smiljan is the oldest. He's 29 years old. The socond brosther is Stojan. He's 26 years old.

I'm going to .... school. When I finished school, I will be enginieer of Mechatronics.

At home, we have a small farm with some cows, turkeys, pigs and much else. I have a few pets. The dog's name is Oli. He has 3 years. I also have two cat, both male.

In my free time I like play football, but when is winter a like skiing so much.

That is some things about me, but if you want know more things about me, you can talk to me at school in Nova Gorica.